About Shireen

  There is a form of communication that does not necessarily pass through the mind. It comes from the untamed parts of the imagination.  

Shireen Maluf (Maalouf), Ph.D., is a professor of musicology and piano performer, author of "Highway 11 to Eternity", winner of the Award of Excellence at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival for her feature animation script and founder of nayyira.com.

Shireen pursued graduate studies in both Music Analysis and Piano Performance (McGill University, Canada) and specialized in Phenomenology of Music and Ancient Near East Musicology. As a piano perfomer, Shireen performed both as a soloist and with an orchestra and she reguarly offered piano concerts and lessons in penitentiaries and medical-social establishments. Shireen Maluf is the author of short and long narratives as well as screenplay and is the recipient of several awards.



NAYYIRA is a name found in Ancient Near Eastern Aramaic languages meaning “radiant with light” and it can be found in Indigenous South-American languages meaning “big eyes.” NAYYIRA’s logo was inspired by a picture of two trees hugging each other: the Red Road of Physical Life ascending from Earth to Heaven and the Blue Road of Spirit descending from Heaven to Earth.