Interview with Shireen Maluf on Nature Speaks

Part 3 of the series

One particular sound had attracted my attention. One bird was singing solo over the chorus of all the others: Chip….. Chip….. I listened carefully trying to find the location of that bird. As I stood still reaching out with my ears in different directions, I saw in front of me a black spot flying from far crossing over the lake. Very soon I realized that the black bird was aiming at my direction. Chip… Chip…. the sound was getting closer. It was that same bird I was trying to locate ! The flight was sharp and deliberate and the bird was very soon going to hit my solar plexus. But I did not move.

Swiftly, the redwing blackbird landed on the top of the recorder. The movement was super agile, passing from flying at very high speed to immediate stability on the two little feet. The claws were firmly holding on to the recorder. The redwing bowed its head towards the microphone and continued with Chip… Chip… My earlier disappointment of the background city noise transformed into an exhilaration. I was getting the purest sound ever straight into my microphone. Did the bird hear my thoughts?

Excerpt from the interview with Shireen Maluf on Nature Speaks