The Little Land

Imagine that you have a little garden, or rather a little plot which is not quite a garden yet

Imagine that you have a little garden, or rather a little plot which is not quite a garden yet, just a piece of earth, of land, which is yours, and which belongs to you and only you, with clearly marked boundaries that mark it off from the property of others. It has your imprint and to make a garden grow on it you need to water it. What happens when you water it regularly with a0ention? You see your garden grow with different plants and different flowers of various colours. You may have chosen and planted some of them but you will notice that many will have come up on their own, because the land is in fact fertile by itself; all you have to do is just care for it and water it. So now you can appreciate the wealth that belongs to you. The land has your imprint, your choice of colour, your inspiration, your yearnings, your desires, your face, yours, yours, yours everything... and each person has a piece of land. There are some people who, for some reason or another, want to interfere and prevent the little garden growing flowers for you because they want to get hold of land and use it for something else, not to make gardens but to make submarines or ships. They have the industrial means to make submarines with ore from the ground. So you see them coming and they want to put their hands on your land. What do you do? What is your reaction? One obvious possibility is to start fighting them. What is the outcome of getting involved in a fight, even supposing that we are very strong? We get very busy fighting and this makes us turn away from what we should be doing, which is watering our land. When we water the land and the land produces flowers, they cannot take it away anymore because they cannot make submarines with a land that carries trees. They want land without flowers, without trees. If you decide to fight, your land is abandoned because you are busy somewhere else. Your adversaries are very happy to keep you busy fighting so that they can take your land. When you come back, whether you have won the fight or not, your land is gone. Even if you have won the fight you have lost your land. So what must we do when the predators come? Keep watering our land, and make sure it grows trees and flowers! This is the only guarantee that the predator cannot make use of our land and therefore will not seize it.