Music is more powerful than we can ever imagine

That boy - who usually refused to listen to any music - listened attentively, opened his eyes and made weird sounds

I work as a music teacher in Kindergarden. In my classes there are hyperactive ADD and autistic children. One KG1 student had a specific case which was kept confidential by the school pshychologist and the boy was being followed by several specialists.

I use classical music during my classes to calm the students down but no music had a calming effect on this boy. One day I decided to make him listen to Brahms' intermezzo op. 118 no.2 played by Shireen Maluf. As usual when I play classical music for the students, I turn off the lights, create a calming ambience and hit the play button. To my amazement, as soon as the Intermezzo started, that boy - who usually refused to listen to any music - listened attentively, opened his eyes and made weird sounds. He looked up to the ceiling, down to the floor and in every direction of the room, trying to grasp what he was hearing. This child never did an expression like this before, even when I played nursery rhymes or chords on the guitar.

During the next class, I played some Chopin nocturnes, Beethoven's Moonlight and Pathetic sonatas. The boy showed no reaction at all! I tried to make him listen to Brahms' Intermezzo op. 118 no. 2 played by other pianists, he seemed happier. But as soon as I tried the version played by Shireen Maluf, he was filled with emotions of joy and happiness. He constantly refused to interact with the music if it was not Brahms' Intermezzo played by Shireen Maluf or some Chopin nocturnes played by Georges Cziffra.

I had a strange feeling about what I was witnessing.

Dr Shireen Maluf was my professor at the University where I was majoring in Music Education. Weeks after this incident, I asked her during class to play that same Brahms' Intermezzo. As soon as she started playing, I had a feeling I could not describe: she spoke to my soul. I understood that she had been speaking to the boy's pure soul with her piano playing.

During that year, that special child "passed on the other side of the veil" (to use Shireen Maluf's expression). He went to the other side to find the light and live in it. Only then we were informed that he had a genetic system disorder. He never was able to speak but his beautiful dreamy eyes used to communicate with me. His eyes spoke thoughts and ideas but he never had the chance to express himself. Sometimes he was bullied by others students for his inability to speak and his limited motor skills. He never got upset and smiled instead.

That little angel taught me a lot about music and about its healing ability: music is more powerful than we can ever imagine. Music spoke to him, gave him feelings that he never experienced before and was never able to express.

When I read Shireen Maluf's book "Highway 11 to Eternity" I fell in love with it and began using it in my teaching curriculum. I told Dr Maluf that she spoke to souls and I can say now that, with her words and music, she will speak to more souls.

I am thankful for knowing her personally. She is a special and humble person who is able to change lives and maybe heal others by the way she plays and thinks.

Testimony by Toni Junior posted by Shireen Maluf