Via or the Road for Life

I gently spoke to her until she replied back with a small "miaw". She responded to me in a whole conversation that kept her occupied until we hit the veterinary.

Last week my friend and I were driving on a two-way street when my friend suddenly pulled the car to the side of the street, opened the door and got out. Taken out of my reverie and wondering what was going on, I followed him with my sight and saw him picking up a baby-kitten from the middle of the street. "Kitten" already means a small cat, but this creature was even smaller than a kitten, barely two-weeks old. "She" looked uncared for and clearly had lost her mother for several days already. We got her in the car: one of her eyes was completely closed and the other looked very weak, her tale was infected, she looked extremely skinny. I had not yet realized the miracle that she escaped from the busy traffic on this road.


Would she live? That was my first question. I gave her my voice as she had difficulty seeing. I gently spoke to her until she replied back with a small "miaw". She responded to me in a whole conversation that kept her occupied until we hit the veterinary. As I carried her in my hands, I was struck by the pusating life force inside her being, despite the very weak condition she was in.

The veterinary confirmed that she had been left on her own for at least three days. Her body was completely dehydrated and she showed difficulties eating. The first three days with her were very challending for me as I watched her battling to learn by herself how to respond to her needs. She was constantly crying, looking for her mother, and faced with a new learning: how to eat with the baby bottle.

Another unfamiliar thing she had to learn was to get acquainted to the sound of the piano. I had regular piano practice time everyday and weekly piano lessons and I wanted her to be used to the sound. I was expecting her to run and hide, but none of this happened! Instead, she raised her ears, listened, and then she relaxed fully, enjoying the flow of the music.

The weekend was now over and my weekly lessons were about to start. How was I going to be fully available to my piano students with the baby kitten needing my full attention? I was a bit nervous that she would not let me concentrate on the lessons. Anyhow, I decided not to cancel or postpone and let things come their way.

On that day, my student arrived. She loved cats and was happily surpised to see the baby-kitten. She carressed her for a few moments and then got ready to start the lesson. As she sat on the chair facing the piano, I saw the baby-kitten withdrawing to her space and I did not hear her move for the entire two-hour lesson. Not a sound, not a miaw, not a movement. Complete withdrawal! I had not seen this since she had been with me. I was in awe for whatever insighted her to act his way. She finally showed up when my student asked me to play Bach's second movement of the Italian Concerto and sat under the piano quietly listening. She then accompanied my student to the door.

Helpless, unarmed, Via walked the road searching for life. How the wheel of life responded to her calling through the wheel of my friend's car remains a mystery for me.

by Shireen Maluf,