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  Highway 11 to Eternity by Shireen Maluf is a simple tale that tells a significant truth. Very well told!  
Review by Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite, July 2015.
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A professor of Music Analysis dies and his soul travels to meet the Children of the Light, who inquire about how music is learned on Earth. As a teacher on this subtler plane of existence, he is called on to override the merely rational way of understanding and communicating. Instead, the evolution of sound is used as a metaphor to illustrate the journey of light into matter and the dualities generated by their opposition. The message of this imaginative story is about the linking of human beings to a higher-realm form of communication incorporated into the reality of the Earth of the future. The story incorporates the music of Intermezzo Op. 118. No. 2 by Johannes Brahms performed on the piano by the author.

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  • Highway 11 to Eternity

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