• From Mind to Heart: The Creative Journey

Do you feel you are stuck but you know there is more to your life?
Do you feel you need to stretch beyond the boundaries of your mind?
Do you feel you want to bridge your inner reality with the outer world?


My stories are journeys outside of everyday being. They encourage you to ask questions and invite you to step beyond who you currently think you are. They will help you weave your story back into your everyday life.

What Others Have Shared

As a music instructor, Highway 11 to Eternity and its whole idea will be one of my references and will help me develop my own curriculum and teaching methods.

T.J. Music Instructor, 24.

“Shireen’s writings invited me to take the most essential and yet the hardest journey of all; the one moving my center of gravity from the mind to the heart... And all this in her own magical way.”

L. F., Consultant, 49.

Reading your stories made the boundaries of my mind expand. I reflected about my own inner world to which I retrieve in my quiet times. Your story made me think on how I can make my world come alive in this world.

G. S., Architect, 26.

Highway 11 to Eternity est un superbe livre qui sort des sentiers habituels. Il s'adresse au Coeur et à l'imagination la plus pure et la plus profonde. Vraiment à lire et même à relire tellement il est plein. Félicitations à l’écrivaine.

G.H., Industriel, 84.

Highway 11 to Eternity is not like something I have ever read before! Publish it!

M. H., Medical Doctor/Surgeon, 42.

About Shireen


Nayyira is a feminine name found in Ancient Near Eastern languages meaning "radiant with light" and it can be found in Indigenous South-American languages meaning "big eyes".

Shireen Maluf Ph.D., is professor of musicology and piano performer, author of "Highway 11 to Eternity", winner of the Award of Excellence at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival for her feature animation script, and founder of nayyira.com . [Read more+]



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